“ONE” – Short movie trailer

I’m proud to announce the trailer to our new movie “One”, starring Michael Fanconi, Tony Bannister and Chris Wiggin.

For all who want to see the full 20 minute short movie, we’ll be showing it on the massive projector screen in Apre, Kanazawa on Saturday 23rd of March from 8:30pm. Entrance is free but we ask you buy a drink to watch the movie with.

Unfortunately, Michael won’t be there, but Tony will and he’ll be overjoyed to see you there and show you this incredible movie.

For any of you who are unsure of where Apre is, here’s a google link https://goo.gl/maps/ntdgzMuNtyK2 and see the photo below for more precise directions on how to find it. 

Feel free to share this with your friends in Kanazawa, there may be as many as 30-100 people at this permiere. It’s going to be quite the occassion.




APREってどこか分からない場合はこのリンクをクリックして、地図をご覧ください。https://goo.gl/maps/ntdgzMuNtyK2 以下の写真も見て場所の確認をお願いします。



Coming Soon

The script has been set. The wardrobe finalized and the storyboard laid out.

It’s ON!!!

Severed Head Cinema’s 3rd movie starts shooting this Friday (19th of October). It’ll be a manic run and gun shoot over several locations and we honestly cannot wait.

The edit should take a month or so, therefore we’re looking at an early December release date.

Watch this space, folks. This 1 is gonna be intense!!!

“Intent” | A Short Movie by Severed Head Cinema

Two friends sit down to explore what video they should produce for the upcoming Kanazawa 48 hour film festival. One guy is intent on his idea, the other is intent on something completely different.

This film was created within 48 hours on July the 7th and 8th of 2018. We worked RELENTLESSLY on this movie and did everything you see here ourselves.

If you like this movie, please consider going to YouTube, pushing the “like” button and subscribing for more epic content from ourselves here at Severed Head Cinema.

Red carpet for the Falcon

Michael is currently in Korea attending the Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival (BIFAN) organized for a plethora of recently produced movies. He’s there for a film he co-starred in with his partner, Allen Ai.
Red carpet treatment and all.
Go, Allen, go, Michael!!!


Stay Tuned!!

This is our inaugural blog post. We’ll keep you updated with exciting news and information from Severed Head Cinema!!!

Watch this space!